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Solutions for your success

CRAB Analytics offers the complete range of services around processes, organisation and management for your supply chain. It is particularly important for us to present solutions. We are also your partner to ensure that strategy and plan become success.


Our professional background is supply chain management in traditional aviation. We are used to thinking holistically and focusing on long-term success and the creation of added value. We want to make this knowledge available to you: with tailor-made solutions and modern approaches, where the bottom line is profit for you.

eVTOL and Urban Air Mobility

The automotive of aviation. New territory, especially in drives, energy supply, supply chains and industrialisation. We help you to face these challenges. With our methodological competencies and broad industry know-how, we keep your back free to concentrate on the tasks for which there are no solutions yet. Together with PMO, engineering, quality and manufacturing, we ensure that the new solutions are available on time and according to specifications.

Automotive & Industry

Other highly regulated industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals and chemicals are also target groups for us. We can handle stringent specifications, complex procedures and highly regulated processes! Sometimes the "view from outside" helps to question and redesign your own processes. Let us find new solutions for your requirements together and take a step into the future.


Supply chain solutions for all product life cycles

With many years of practical experience in all phases of the product life cycle: concept and design, series production, cadence maximisation, maintenance and obsolescence management, we offer solutions for a 360° supply chain.

We do not limit ourselves to conceptual and procedural approaches, but can also support your team at short notice where needed. We know the market, have contacts in the industry and sound experience to serve the required regulations.

Our aim is to provide you with solutions that generate added value.

Supply Chain Architecture

Case study

A medium-sized aircraft manufacturer is planning to relaunch a successful short-haul aircraft in turboprop and jet variants. Where possible, existing structures should be retained, but upgraded to state-of-the-art with modern materials, components, equipment and parts. Existing structures in the supply chain are specialised and optimised for the maintenance of the current fleet.

CRAB Analytics designed a supply chain organisation for this client in a case study. Special attention was paid to the requirements in the two phases of design and subsequent series readiness and how small but agile groups transform from one phase to the other without losing talent.

Highlighted is the plan to install supply chain project managers during the design phase to bridge the gap between supply chain and development partners and internal customers. These project managers will then transform into process managers in the second phase (series production), who will take over the industrialisation and process monitoring of the supply chain.

Purchase part obsolescence management

Project ongoing

A medium-sized aircraft manufacturer is planning to relaunch a successful short-haul aircraft in turboprop and jet variants. Where possible, existing structures should be retained, but upgraded to state-of-the-art with modern materials, components, equipment and parts. Existing supply chains are only known in case of maintenance.

The aim of the project is to find out which components of the current development are obsolete without explicit support from ERP and PLM systems. By creating a generic "Bill of Material", we were able to quickly get an overview of the critical components.

In the second step, the customer placed special emphasis on a self-sufficient appearance and result-oriented hands-on mentality through our support. A clearly understandable score card shows the progress of the work and the solutions found. Our explicit market knowledge enables a targeted contacting of the required partners in order to quickly solve the identified problems.

New technologies and drives in aviation

The next stage of individual transport is just around the corner.

Just as the first pioneers switched from carriages to cars 150 years ago, the electrification of aviation coupled with new drive technologies will soon allow us to make the vision of flying individual transport a reality.

With an air taxi from A to B in a direct connection, independent of road routing and literally above the everyday traffic jams in the big megacities: That is what eVTOLs and the new urban air mobility offer.

eVTOL and Urban Air Mobility

Strategy development for the battery sector


One of the most successful start-ups worldwide in the segment of battery-powered vertical take-off small aircraft (eVTOL) is preparing to enter the market with design and series production. Especially in the field of energy supply and distribution, new ground is being broken in aviation.

Together with the customer, we were able to develop a strategy for the battery area in the short time frame given. The goal of pushing the maximum technical limits in terms of energy density, range and safety was achieved by combining two partners for development and production respectively. In order to minimise the risks associated with this crucial component, a third partner was acquired to drive forward the development and production of an alternative cell technology in parallel and synchronously with the first two.

We are convinced that this solution will provide the customer with the required component within the planned development period.

Contract negotiation as a service


The same start-up company in the eVTOL (electrically powered vertical take-off aircraft) segment with which we had already developed the strategy in the battery procurement group was struggling with a shortage of available skilled workers and experts due to its rapid growth.

With our many years of practical experience in the industry, we were able to provide the client with quick and uncomplicated bridging assistance until the appropriate talent was found. To avoid development delays, CRAB Analytics took over the negotiation of the required contracts in the battery procurement group on behalf of the client. The main focus was to minimise the contractual obligations without jeopardising the partnership between the client and the supplier.

Potential cost minimisation was successfully maximised. With significant results in the double-digit millions on the individual contracts.

Automotive & Industrie

Solutions transformed from aviation

Transforming our experience from aviation projects into other industries with similar requirements: Why not?

Series production in the mid-candle range, island production and one-off large-scale projects. The yacht industry, power plant construction and infrastructure are obvious examples. But customers from the automotive and industrial sectors also appreciate our ideas.

Through our expertise with requirements from a highly regulated industry, we offer a broad spectrum of knowledge and approaches to solutions for your challenges.

Logistics Optimisation


A medium-sized company with automotive as its main sales market supplies its customers with high-quality products from various production locations. Having grown organically through acquisitions and the founding of subsidiaries, the logistics of the flow of goods had become out of focus due to the growth.

In an initial exchange, potentials were first discussed and assessed without obligation. The joint assessment then led to a re-tendering of freight services and a consolidation of freight routes carried out by CRAB Analytics. In addition to the conceptualisation, we were also able to accompany the process operationally to success.

The result speaks for itself: in the first year alone, the cost savings exceeded the project costs by a factor of four.

Project Management ERP & CRM Implementation

Project ongoing

Why not take a results-oriented approach to project management instead of an industry- or topic-driven one? That's what our client in the automotive sector thought and was apparently right in his assessment.

The planned ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Resource Management) implementation had come to a standstill and requirements as well as solutions were blurred and without clear definitions. With the help of our project management skills, we were able to quickly reconcile the service providers and the catalogue of requirements. Combining the competence of the client and its staff with our project management experience brought both projects back on track for success.

The added value generated lies primarily in the project management of the implementation, which is focused on the objective. In addition, it is ensured that the systems will run in the desired quality.

About CRAB Analytics

CRAB Analytics designs the appropriate supply chain and purchasing strategy for small and medium-sized companies, using innovative algorithms and methods to increase supply chain performance.