CRAB Analytics

CRAB Analytics designs the right supply chain and purchasing strategy for small & medium-sized enterprises. Innovative algorithms and methods are used to increase performance.


Our range of services

CRAB Analytics offers the complete range of services for processes, organisation and management for your supply chain.

Supply Chain Analytics

With valuable data analyses, you gain transparency about your supply networks and identify risks and potentials. This provides you with relevant decision-making aids for the optimal management of your supply chain - use your data quickly without lengthy, complex and cost-intensive implementation projects!

Strategies for the supply chain

As an entrepreneur and manager, you gain a modern, practical and highly functional strategy consulting and implementation recom- mendation through the neutral view of your supply chain from the outside.

Talent for your supply chain

Through the short-term availability of talent and expertise - on-site or remote - with a broad range of specialist knowledge in aviation, we solve your challenges for you.

Your company can react very quickly, flexibly and in line with your needs to bottleneck situations caused internally and/or externally.

Arne-Leonardo Guzzoni

Arne-Leonardo Guzzoni has in-depth transformation experience in the area of supply chain and purchasing through his various management activities in large and medium-sized companies.

He began his professional career after graduating in economics in 1994 at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg. After various activities within the Strategic Purchasing Department and as Head of Supply Chain in the VIP & Executive Jet Maintenance Division, he moved to Switzerland in 2008 to join Jet Aviation as Vice President Supply Chain Management. As a member of the Executive Committee, Mr Guzzoni accompanied the sale of Jet Aviation to General Dynamics and subsequently took on a management position at SR Technics in Kloten (ZH). In 2015, Mr Guzzoni joined Vitra, a family-owned, medium-sized company, to help lead the company into the next generation in terms of supply chain and purchasing.

Together with Christoph Wiedmann, he founded the consultancy CRAB Analytics in 2019, which he leads as co-founder.

Christoph Wiedmann

Christoph Wiedmann has a profound knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence as well as purchasing and supply chain.

As a graduate in business administration (FH), he completed his studies in Munich in 2003 and started his professional career at Diehl-Aviation in the purchasing environment. In 2009, Mr Wiedmann moved to Switzerland to join Jet Aviation, where he climbed the career ladder to Director Supply Chain Management.

Since 2019, Mr Wiedmann has been a co-founder and managing partner at CRAB Analytics.

Peter Balzer

Peter Balzer has in-depth knowledge in the field of supply chain development in traditional and matrix organisational forms as well as profound knowledge in international logistics.

He started his career in 1995, graduating as a forwarding specialist with a federal diploma, and held various positions in international logistics companies, including managing the Basel branch of Kühne + Nagel between 1999 and 2004. In 2004 he joined the management of Stella Brandenberger Transporte AG. His move into supply chain management came in 2010 when he took over the division at Jet Aviation as Vice President Supply Chain Management EMEA & Asia, where he played a leading role in various development and transformation projects.

Peter Balzer joined CRAB Analytics as Partner in December 2020 and has been Executive Partner and Managing Director since July 2021.

Jonathan Allwood

Jonathan began his supply chain career in 1984 in manufacturing and has progressed in various managerial roles and companies in the UK. In 2009, he moved into the aviation sector with Jet Aviation Switzerland, where he held the position of Director Strategic Procurement.

A business studies graduate from the university of Humberside; he is a logical and analytical thinker who can grasp complex problems and their constituent parts and quickly develop resolution strategies. He has a very open and pragmatic leadership style and uses his excellent negotiation and communication skills to deliver value and clarity.

A solution focused practitioner, he is able to leverage the wider source-to-pay environment to meet the complex and dynamic needs of his customers.

Myriam Schnoebelen

Myriam is a consummate professional and highly experienced procurement practitioner, with experience in aviation, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries.

She has a broad knowledge of the supplier landscape and has had procurement responsibilities in Refurbishment (RMU), Maintenance (MRO) and Completion environments at a tactical and strategic level.

A highly competent negotiator, used to operating in a heavily regulated international environments, she has a consistently high hit rate when innovative and creative solutions must be found quickly.

Myriam has a calm, reflective and open manner, and has contributed significantly in process improvement programs, including inventory (SKU) rationalization, supplier development, and least total cost approach.

About CRAB Analytics

CRAB Analytics designs the appropriate supply chain and purchasing strategy for small and medium-sized companies, using innovative algorithms and methods to increase supply chain performance.